New Prosperity Belting


Abrasion Resistance

  • Diamond- DA High Abrasion Resistance
  • Diamond- DS Super Abrasion Resistance
  • Diamond- DE Extra Abrasion Resistance

Oil Resistance

  • Diamond- OR1 Vegetable Oil and Grease Resistance
  • Diamond- OR2 Petrochemical Oil Resistance

Heat Resistance

  • Diamond- HA High Heat Resistance 120˚C - 170˚C

  • Diamond- HS Super Heat Resistance 170˚C - 220˚C

  • Diamond- HE Extra Heat Resistance 220˚C - 300˚C

NPB Rubber Dams

Rubber dams are made of high-strength synthetic fabric, coated with rubber inside and outside as a protective layer, processed into rubber sheets, and then anchored to the floor to form a closed shape. The dam bag is formed by inflating water through filling and discharging pipes. The dam height can be adjusted as needed to control the upstream water level. Rubber dams can be divided into pillow-type rubber dams, slope-type rubber dams, curved rubber dams, spine-type rubber dams, spoiled rubber dams, and irregular-shaped rubber dams.


The rubber dam is unfolded on concrete foundation and tightened with bolts.