New Prosperity Belting

Diamond Elevator Belting Information


Cover Quality

Elevator belts are available in all the Diamond cover qualities.

Cover Thicknesses

According to the service conditions 2+2 mm up to 3+3 mm. Other thicknesses are available on request.

Belt Edges

Elevator belts are supplied with moulded (rubber) edges as standard. They can also be supplied with cut (sealed) edges.

Pulley Diameter

The pulley diameter depends on the thickness of the carcass. The head pulley is generally lagged.

Belt Widths

Elevator belts are available in the standard widths up to and including 2200 mm.


The carcass consists of three up to six plies of wholly synthetic Polyester-Nylon fabric (EP). EP- fabric is impervious to moisture, has low elongation and a high tensile strength. The choice of belt type and number of plies depends on the required tensile strength and bolt holding ability.

Indication of Number of Plies